Debunking the Myths: AI Tools and Content Creation

Scott Gutelius

Want to outsource all your content creation to ChatGPT?

You can! But it’s a terrible idea.

I’m Scott Gutelius. Copywriter. Techie. Skeptic.

My goal is to test the latest and greatest AI tools for content creation and evaluate them from the standpoint of a copywriter and search engine optimization specialist. Which ones measure up and are worth the investment? And which are a good start, but will require an actual human to intervene?

It’s a bit of an AI arms race out there, with new products making big promises to remove all effort from content creation, and hoping search engines like Google won’t suddenly de-index AI-generated content. So far, so good. Let’s try to meet in the middle, and find tools that help speed content creation, without taking humans out of the process entirely.

don’t believe the hype. well, maybe some of it

AI Tools for Content Creation.

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